Portable Air Purifier Versus Whole Home Air Purifier

Portable Air Purifier Versus Whole Home Air Purifier

We at Vital Air are experts in indoor air quality and air purifiers. Tons of options exist for those who want better quality air in their homes or business. You may be asking yourself what is the difference between portable air purifiers versus whole home purifiers? We will discuss more below.

1. Benefits of Portable Air Purifiers

Those of you who need a small area purified for a small time may rely on a portable air purifier. For example, is there a designated smoking section on your property? A portable air purifier may do the trick. The same goes for any small area that needs purifying such as a laundry room, garage, closet, etc. Portable air purifiers may be carried from room to room and plugged or unplugged as needed. Some are of poor quality, so be sure to do your research and the pollutants in your home as well as square footage in order to get the right portable air purifier for you. Be sure to read online reviews for how long it lasts along with expert reviews with scientific testing.

2. Whole Home Air Purifier Benefits

A whole home air purifier is exactly what it sounds like. It installs directly onto your existing HVAC system to clean the air for the entire property. You may research whole home air purifiers online in a similar way to portable ones. However, we strongly recommend having a certified HVAC professional in your area help you select one. They can answer all your questions and help you choose a unit that is right for your property's size, pollutants contained there, and much more. In addition, many leading whole home air purifiers manufacturers require you to use a certified professional to install the unit and keep the warranty valid. You'll need to maintain your purifier just as you would your HVAC system. However, many of the newer units make it easy. For example, we like the PureAir™ S from Lennox for the whole home. Unlike other models, it can eliminate the top three pollutants found in many homes: 1. Airborne particles 2. Bacteria and germs 3. Chemical vapors and odors.

3. Portable Air Purifier Versus Whole Home Air Purifier

It all depends on the needs of you and your home occupants. Those of you who need only one area purified for short periods of time can do fine with a portable air purifier. However, those of you who want clean air for your property 24/7 will want a whole home air purifier.

Portable Air Purifier Versus Whole Home Air Purifier in Atlanta

Are you ready to get a whole home air purifier for your home or business? We at Vital Air go above and beyond for those who live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas by providing honest, no obligation estimates for your indoor air quality needs. Our experienced team will go over your property, review the systems that fit, and tell you our expert opinion. Feel free to contact us to get professional indoor air quality, cooling, and heating services.
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