Importance of Spring HVAC Maintenance

As the country celebrated Groundhog's Day this past week we learned that while Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil called for six more weeks of winter, Georgia's own General Beauregard Lee called for an early Spring. Whether you buy into the hype of shadow spotting or not, Spring is on its way, which means time for all things Spring cleaning related, including your HVAC system.

When your vehicle hits a certain mileage, we take it in for routine maintenance to ensure its efficiency and life expectancy. It also helps rule out any further underlying problems such as filters, tires, etc. Much like our vehicles, the same should be done for your HVAC system. By calling Vital Air Services and signing up for twice a year maintenance, you are ensuring the running efficiency of your unit and saving yourself money in the long run. The demand of your unit to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, puts a lot of stress of your system. So having your HVAC system serviced twice a year to keep it running at its absolute best is crucial to maintain its efficiency. Homeowners who take advantage of our five-star semi-annual maintenance program are less likely to invest both time and money into unnecessary repairs due to lack of upkeep.

Benefits of a Spring Maintenance

Better Efficiency and Lower Bills

As stated above, regular maintenance will improve your system's efficiency, thus resulting in lower energy bills. As your unit ages, it wears down causing loss in efficiency and a higher cost to run. having regular maintenance means it won't age as quickly and become too expensive to operate. Statistically, studies show systems serviced routinely by a professional can retain up to 95% of their efficiency rating during its life span. Fall and Winter may also come with excess debris flying around and clogging up your outside unit. Because it is subjected to these elements, upon service your technician will check and clear any of this to be sure that there is ample room for your unit to pull in the air needed to cool your home. Additionally, your technician will clean your outdoor coils with water to remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated on them throughout the colder months, You may not think that this is a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but if your coils have even 1/100th of an inch of dirt caked on, your systems efficiency decreases by five percent. So while they are bound to get dirty over time, having them cleaned twice a year makes a big difference in the running performance of your unit.

Peace of Mind About Breakdowns

No one wants to experience a breakdown, and having a routine maintenance may just help in preventing that. In fact, around 85% of repairs needed to be made to a cooling system could be avoided by regular maintenance. Thus, having your unit serviced twice per year by our service professionals could save you a lot of unnecessary costs. As a member of our maintenance program, you also have top priority in the event that you do unfortunately face a breakdown.

Better Air Quality

Living in Georgia, we can almost directly relate Spring and summer with dust, allergens, and POLLEN! We know it, we dread it, we absolutely loathe it! However (and unfortunately), it is inevitable. By having a maintenance completed on your system, you can be sure that your indoor air quality will be as clean as possible for yours and your families health. Vital Air Services also goes one step further by having several additional top of the line indoor air quality products and services available. If like the majority of others, you are concerned about your indoor air quality, be sure to discuss these options with your service professional when they come to your home, or place of business. One of the biggest hoarders of allergens and dirt are your filters and your duct work. Rest assured, Vital Air has got your back and we will fully inspect your ducts, and get that filter changed out for you. On top of improving your quality of air by trapping particles, a clean air filter also reduce the energy usage in your home. By checking your ductwork, we are ensuring that there are no holes, leaks or cracks located within to keep your system cooling efficiently. If there is extensive buildup within your ductwork, your service professional may even suggest a thorough duct cleaning with optional anti-microbial fogging to guarantee the utmost breathable air.

Longer System Life

Unfortunately, our HVAC systems are not built to last forever, and they will eventually need to be replaced. By having regular maintenance, you can expect your unit to live up to and possibly past its expected life span(10-15 years, for most). However, without routine maintenance, your system life span can be less than half! This could mean by just adding semi annual maintenance, you could be getting an extra 5-8 years out of your system!

Don't check off all those boxes on your spring cleaning list just yet. Protect your HVAC system, your warranty, and your investment by calling Vital Air Services today and signing up for our twice a year maintenance program. Then you can sit back in your cool home, and bask in the satisfaction of knowing that your system is running at its peak performance!

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