How to Change Your Air Filter Like a Pro

How to Change Your Air Filter Like a Pro

We at Vital Air love it when those in our community take good care of their HVAC system. An important part of maintenance is the air filter. To help you out, we will show you how to change your air filter like a pro.

1. Start With the Right Air Filter

Not all air filters are built equally. Firstly, you need the correct size for your unit. The easiest way to find this information is to look at the old one. You will see a size such as 20x25x4 or other. This is the length, width, depth. You may also look up your air filter size on your owner manual or by manufacturer. For example, Lennox has an air filter size guide here.

2. Choose the Right Time

Your owner's manual or manufacturer site will tell you when is the appropriate time to change your filters. This amount is generally six months. However, it tends to change from unit to unit. If unsure, check your current filter. They generally start as white or light gray. If you can see large spots of the original color, you are fine. However, if the original color is largely missing or all gone, you need a new filter.

3. Change the Filter

Locate the housing for the air filter. It is usually on the indoor unit and facing towards and accessible area. The housing is usually encased by a small door just large enough to take in the filter horizontally. So if your filter is 20x25x4, your housing will be slightly larger than the length and the depth. Open it and remove the old filter. Take note of the direction it faces as you need to install the new filter in the same direction. Installing the filter in a reverse manner can do more harm than good.

4. Follow Up

Remember you will have to do the whole process again in another six months or whenever the unit’s needs dictate. Mark your calendars for the appropriate time and keep an eye out for sales on your filter size to be ready.

Change Your Air Filter Like a Pro in Atlanta

Don’t feel like doing all of the above? We at Vital Air go above and beyond in HVAC maintenance (including top of the line air filters) for those who live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas. Our experienced team knows how to go over all unit components, review the system, and guarantee our work. Feel free to contact us to get professional HVAC maintenance, repair, and more.
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