Heat Pumps Explained in Atlanta

Heat Pumps Explained in Atlanta

Here in Atlanta, heat pumps are one of the major ways we heat and cool our homes. But what is a heat pump? How does it work? We will give you the scoop below with heat pumps explained in Atlanta.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump is commonly powered by electricity. It works by extracting heat from one area and transfers it to another. Basically, the unit transfers hot air out of your property during summer. It can then also bring hot air and cold air out during the winter. This makes it an ideal choice so you do not have to purchase a separate air conditioner and heater.

More technically, heat pumps use refrigerant and pass it through evaporation and condensation. It has a compressor that pumps the refrigerant between heat exchanger coils. One is used to evaporate refrigerant at a low pressure to absorb heat. It is passed to the other coil to condense at a high pressure and ultimately release the heat.

A Brief History of Heat Pumps

The technology feels new, but it is actually decades old. Heat pumps have been used in the United States and across the globe for many years. Additionally, heat pumps are also found in automobiles and even some appliances. For example, a refrigerator is technically a heat pump that operates exclusively in cold mode. It has the same components a residential or commercial heat pump does.

Where is My Heat Pump?

Heat pumps generally come in two parts: an outdoor unit found near the rear or side of the property and an indoor unit found in an attic, closet, basement, etc. The outdoor part houses the fan and the coil, which operates as an evaporator to produce heat. It works as the condenser when in cooling mode. The indoor unit is also called the air handler. It also uses a coil and fan. However, whereas the outdoor fan takes air out of the property, the air handler’s fan circulates air into the property.

Is a Heat Pump the Best Choice?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to the question. You must consider many variables such as your location, property size, heating AND cooling needs, residential versus commercial, and many other factors. However, as Atlanta heat pump experts we have found the heat pump to be the right choice for many homes and businesses in the area. We have found Lennox to be one of the best manufacturers of heat pumps because of their high quality, energy efficiency, and fair prices. You should ask trusted HVAC experts in your area which HVAC system is best for you along with what they use for their own home and business.

More on Heat Pumps Explained in Atlanta

Need help selecting or maintaining a heat pump in the Atlanta area including Dunwoody, Peachtree Corners, or close by? We at Vital Air can help at every stage from the first indication of CO to eliminating the cause all together. Feel free to contact us to get a free, professional estimate on a heat pump or other related services.

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