Best Ductless Mini Splits for Atlanta

Best Ductless Mini Splits for Atlanta

We at Vital Air are experts in selecting and installing ductless mini split systems for all types of properties with all types of needs. As a result, below we will share with you the best ductless mini splits for Atlanta as well as what you should look for.

1. Choose Your Type of Ductless Mini Split System

Unfortunately, getting a system of this type is more involved than walking into your local hardware store and picking out a unit. You must know the size of the area to be heated or cooled, whether it needs to be heated and/or cooled, what type of power source the system will use, and where it is to be mounted. We highly recommend you consult a specialist in your area before purchasing your unit. However, we also recommend you do your research to know which units are reliable and perform well for your area.

2. Best Ductless Mini Split Manufacturer

The industry is full of ductless system manufacturers who guarantee the best experience. Unfortunately, not all of them come through. This is why we recommend and are experts in leading brands such as Lennox and Mitsubishi. Feel free to visit their sites to see what models and options they offer. Be sure to know whether you need a ductless AC (cooling), ductless heater (heating), or ductless heat pump (cooling and heating).

3. Best All Around Ductless Mini Split System

As experts in the area, we like the MSZ-EF Designer Wall-mounted Indoor Unit from Mitsubishi. One of its best features is that it does not necessarily look like a ductless mini split. You can choose from a glossy black or matte silver finish, as well as traditional white to blend in seamlessly with your space. It offers the state of the art Econo Cool tech, to increase efficiency. Other benefits include:

  • Swing option
  • Nano Platinum and Electrostatic anti-allergy enzyme filters
  • As quiet as 21 decibels
  • BTU from 9,000 to 18,000
  • Cloud app
  • Leading industry warranty.
We love this and similar units, but your needs may differ from what the MSZ-EF can provide.

More Best Ductless Mini Splits for Atlanta

We do not recommend that you purchase or install your own ductless mini split system. This is merely a guide. Contact a trusted and experienced professional in your area. Our team has the experience to review your property, suggest the correct system and install it while keeping your warranty valid. Feel free to contact us to get professional quote on your ductless and other HVAC services.
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