6 Heating Repair Hidden Fees You Should Avoid

6 Heating Repair Hidden Fees You Should Avoid

Running your heater during the cold months may make up the lion's share of your energy costs. Upgrading or repairing your old forced air heating system is a good way to improve energy efficiency while increasing the value of your home. However, a heater repair or replacement can set you back a pretty penny. You want to maximize the value of your dollars while guaranteeing you're getting your money's worth. We'll show you the 6 hidden costs below.

1. Home Visit Fee

It doesn't matter if it's heating repair, replacement, or other. You need a tech to come out to your property to revise the issue and give their opinion. Some providers will charge for this while others will not. You should know what the cost is before you give the okay for a home visit, as well as get the details of what is included.

2. Emergency Service Fees

It happens to the best of us. The heater goes out, and we need repair immediately. Many HVAC providers offer emergency service. In fact, some can even offer same day service. However, you may be so desperate you don't think to ask about the emergency service fee. Like the above, be sure to ask how much it is, if any, as well as what it includes.

3. Property Damage

Anything from dirty shoes to poor mounting can spell disaster for your property. When you first invite a heating company onto your property, don't hesitate to take before and after pictures. This way you can have records of what your property looks like before and after. You should also make sure your HVAC provider is properly insured in the case that disaster happens so you are not stuck with the bill.

4. Post Repair Issues

Now that you have your heater all repaired, it doesn't mean the issue is resolved. Any number of factors can come up from loose screws to mis-diagnosis of the initial issue. You want heating repair that is backed up by a warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Be sure to get all of this information before the tech leaves your property.

5. Warranty Costs

Just as above, you want to know how long the warranty is for parts and labor. Some warranties can last up to 20 years for the heat exchanger and other components. Other warranties only last for a few months or even 30 days. Mark your calendar just before the warranty expires to go over the work and make sure it is just as your hired techs left it.

6. Legitimate Costs

In the heating industry there are some costs that are legitimate but may seem hidden. These include HVAC repairs such as:

  • Ductwork repair.
  • Drywall removal.
  • Electrical upgrades to meet the demand of new units.
  • Plumbing work to address any drainage issues.
  • And others.

Although these are legitimate costs, your provider should have included them or the possibility of encountering them in your estimate before beginning the work.

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