4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC

As warm weather continues to challenge your air conditioner, you may looking for signs it is time to replace your ac. Below, we will show you the signs of a failing HVAC unit to help you avoid being “left in the hot.”

#1: Repair Vs. Replace

A replacement is not always necessary. Sometimes, an expert ac repair can put your unit back into good working shape. You should consider the following factors when thinking about ac repair vs. replace.

  • Age of air conditioning unit – Air conditioners generally last ten years. However, several factors affect the lifetime performance including make, model, usage, etc.
  • Number or frequency breakdowns – Does your air conditioner seem to break down every couple of months or even every year? Unfortunately, these types of costly repairs are more likely to increase in frequency than decrease.
  • Cost of replace/repair – Estimate the cost of the current or near future repairs, versus the cost of purchasing and installing the new unit. Don not forget to factor in the amount of money you may save by selecting an energy-efficient unit.

#2: Strange Noises and/or Smells Coming From AC Unit

It is not unusual for your air conditioner to make a few noises on start up and during operation. However, you know your unit and what it should sound like. Strange noises include rattling, shaking, excessive humming, and others. Any of these could mean anything from clogged filters to component failure to imminent breakdown. Strange smells coming from the unit are usually the sign of a refrigerant leak, which can be hazardous.

#3: It Uses R 22 Freon

This type of coolant was common several years ago and many units were designed to use it. However, it is being phased out in order to conserve energy. Unfortunately, the costs of this type of Freon is expected to exponentially rise. These types of units are expected to be eventually replaced with prices for coolant and parts expected to hit unusually high levels.

#4: It Does not Work Like it Used To

Do you feel your property is warmer even though the thermostat settings are the same? Are your power bills higher than they used to be? These are signs that your unit is working harder than it should. On some occasions, it can be minor issues such as a dirty air filter or ruptured air duct. In other cases, the unit may be on the verge of failure, especially if it is over the approximate ten years it should last.

Replace Your AC in Atlanta

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