4 Everyday Heat Pump Problems

4 Everyday Heat Pump Problems

Here in Atlanta, heat pumps are commonly used. They are reliable pieces of equipment. However, they are subject to common issues. To help you out, we have gathered 4 everyday heat pump problems below.

#1: What is a Heat Pump

A heat pump works as a heating and cooling system. It works by extracting heat from the air and moving it to another location via an air handler. In the winter, the air is moved indoors. In the summer, heat pumps extract heat from you're the home's interior and moves it outdoors. The units are ideal for more moderate climates like those we have in Atlanta, Dunwoody, etc.

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#2: Electric Bills Higher Than Normal

It isn't unusual for your electric bills to spike during the hotter months, as well as the colder. However, have you noticed an unusual spike in the last few months? Unless there is some spike in electricity prices in your area, this is commonly a sign of your heat pump working too hard. This is commonly the result of a failure in one or more of the heat pump's components. This can include anything from minor issues such as air filter failure to major ones, such as a compressor failure.

#3: Change in Ground Loop Pressure

Do you own a is geothermal heat pump? They work just like traditional heat pumps but are located underground. The practice is advantageous because the ground does not experience the extreme hot and cold temperatures that the surface does. However, a geothermal pump's ability to move air largely depends on the water inside the ground absorbing all the heat to move it inside. This water pressure must be sufficient or else the heat pump will not work as intended.

#4: Gasket Failure

Heat pumps also use a number of gaskets to function, depending on your make and model. They must be regularly inspected and replaced when needed in order to the unit to work. Unfortunately, gasket failure isn't always visible. They usually start as a small leak, with maybe only a drop or two being released a long time apart. However when the gasket completely fails, the drops can become leaks - which can damage your property far beyond the cost of repair.

Repair Your Heat Pump in Atlanta

If you live in the Atlanta or surrounding areas and are concerned your unit may be showing a sign one of these or other everyday heat pump problems, contact us to get a free, professional estimate. We can also help select, install, repair, and maintain most major makes and models of heat pump units.

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