Quality and affordable HVAC services in Clarkston

Clarkston, Georgia is known for its diversity and warm hospitality felt among new neighbors which makes it a powerful place for an alternative break. Its strategic location in the heart of the Atlanta metropolitan area further gives its residents the convenience of living in a small town just outside a big city.

For a town that promotes so much peace and quiet in a tight-knit community, Clarkston is all about good living. This is why at Vital Air Services we take pride in being the #1 HVAC Company in Clarkston that is always available to design, install, maintain, and repair your HVAC systems.

No matter the season, you can always rely on us for:

Quick and effective AC services in Clarkston, GA

At Vital Air Services, we understand that having a broken air conditioner in the summer is not only a big inconvenience but also a health hazard for you and your loved ones. To avoid all these frustrations and risks, we provide you with quick and effective AC services in Clarkston all year long.

It gets better as we offer a broad range of expert AC services, from repairs and replacements to new installations. All these services are provided by our in-house team of rigorously trained and certified technicians who take their job seriously.

Budget-friendly furnace installation and maintenance

Regardless of the type of furnace, you have installed on your property, the surest way to ensure these systems can meet your heating needs is through proper maintenance. We know how challenging this could be, which is why we provide you with a trusted HVAC partner in Clarkston for all your furnace maintenance and repairs.

We also offer new furnace installations and replacements that offer an in-depth evaluation of your property's heating needs and determination of the best system for you. For all your furnace inquiries, you can always contact us for a one-on-one discussion with our furnace experts and upfront pricing for your project.

Heat pumps: For property owners after a modern heating and cooling solution

We provide heat pump installation in Clarkston to property owners who are after an alternative to conventional heating and cooling systems. Since the heating systems do not produce heat through combustion, they have a compact size and are well-suited for new builds with good insulation. They are also the perfect option if you want an all-in-one heating and cooling system that can be used to keep your home comfortable all year long.

At Vital Air Services, we further save you from the confusion of finding the best heat pumps for your property as we maintain an inventory of the best models from Lennox. As such, all you have to do is reach out to us and we will offer you professional and fully-tailored solutions to suit your heating and cooling needs.

Installation and maintenance of ductless mini-splits in Clarkston

If you do not have ducts in your house, you will appreciate the convenience of installing our ductless mini-splits. These HVAC systems offer the flexibility of temperature zoning to different areas of your house, making them super-efficient as you do not have to worry about heating or cooling rooms when they are not in use. They also consume less energy compared to duct systems and are easier to maintain as they primarily require filter replacements that can last up to ten years.

As such, if you have recently moved to a property with no existing ductwork, having trouble zoning different rooms in your house, or require an easy to control heating and cooling system, we are only a phone call away from addressing your needs.

Air filtration and purifier services

Are you worried about your indoor air quality? Let us save you from these concerns by sending over our indoor air quality experts to offer the right solutions for your property. We have spent years working with air filtration and purification systems, enabling us to acquire the much-needed hands-on experience to attend to your demands.

We have further gone the extra mile to avail an inventory of air filters and purifiers that we will walk you through for ease in settling for a model that suits your property.

Authentic Lennox HVAC systems

Our years of dedication to providing top-class HVAC services to the residents of Clarkston have paid off with an exclusive offer to be the Lennox Premier Dealer in the region. This is a reflection of how much attention we pay to quality and the assurance that by choosing us you will never have to settle for less. As an extra plus, you will also have the peace of mind that you are dealing with HVAC technicians who are approved to install and maintain your heating and cooling systems.

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    Scientific Approach To Service

    Because we started as building science experts we approach each home’s repairs and replacements with the scientific precision of our patent pending process.

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    Flat Rate Pricing

    We provide upfront pricing for repairs and replacements. There are no hidden costs or fees.

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    Quality Assurance

    We believe in doing the job the right way, rather than the fast or easy way.

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    Fully Empowered Technicians

    Our technicians undergo rigorous technical training and are fully empowered to solve your heating and air problems.

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