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Heating Problems?

It is never a convenient time for your heating system to stop working! Our fully empowered technicians maintain rigorous training standards to ensure the use of the latest technology which means effective service and repairs to your home’s heating system at a fair and honest price.


You might have a common heating system problem...

  • Air is coming out of my vents but it isn’t heating my home.
  • My heating system comes on but won’t stay on or it isn’t blowing.
  • My family gets headaches and dizziness when we use our heater.

The part of your system that moves air is different than the part of the system that heats it. By completing a system diagnostic, our technician will be able to assess the cause and provide solutions to get your home comfortable for those chilly months.

A heating system that won’t stay on or isn’t blowing is usually due to a faulty safety switch that is preventing the system from running efficiently. This is usually a simple fix. With a simple diagnostic, one of our technicians can provide recommendations for resolving the issue.

Headaches and dizziness during winter months when inside your home can be caused by carbon monoxide or gas leaks. If this sounds like your home, we recommend a Combustion Safety Assessment where we check for combustible gas leaks and carbon monoxide levels inside the home. Our team is uniquely trained to diagnose and assess potential health and safety issues that exist in homes in Georgia.

What to expect from Vital Air...

  • Home Visit

    When we help you schedule an appointment, we visit your home at a time that's convenient for you.

  • Understand the Problem

    We’ll inspect your system’s components using our patent pending process to diagnose the and solve the problem.

  • View the Pricing

    There are no hidden costs! Before repairs or replacement ever begin, we’ll provide your flat rate pricing quote.

No Hidden Service Charges

Our flat rate pricing model ensures you have the costs for repairs and service before work begins. We’ll do it takes to get your service or repairs done right. That’s why we offer flat rate pricing instead of hourly pricing. Once we investigate your individual situation, we can better provide the price associated with your specific needs.

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Angie's List Super Service Award

Thank you to our wonderful homeowners for helping us provide a great HVAC service to everyone! With out you all we wouldn't be able to accept the "Super Service Award" for 2016 from Angie's list.

Angie's List Super Service Award
Image for Testimonial

Vital Air Services rescued me when my AC died in the middle of summer. My technician took the time to help me make an educated purchase that fit within my budget. I ultimately chose a smaller system with higher efficiency than my current AC unit which saved me money. If it wasn't for Vital Air Services, I wouldn't have known this option existed. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

  • Image for Scientific Approach To Service

    Scientific Approach To Service

    Because we started as building science experts we approach each home’s repairs and replacements with the scientific precision of our patent pending process.

  • Image for Flat Rate Pricing

    Flat Rate Pricing

    We provide upfront pricing for repairs and replacements. There are no hidden costs or fees.

  • Image for Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    We believe in doing the job the right way, rather than the fast or easy way.

  • Image for Fully Empowered Technicians

    Fully Empowered Technicians

    Our technicians undergo rigorous technical training and are fully empowered to solve your heating and air problems.

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    Quality Lennox Systems

    Lennox Systems are renowned for their value and quality, as well as a range of available systems, an innovative approach to equipment design.

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